Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soap Lake, Wa

Soap Lake- excellent minerals!
lots of people covered in the sand/mud of it's banks.
the banks a bit of a smell on entering the water, which goes away upon getting further out. I waded , Talula crawled, and dipped and dived, under the waters. I was happy just getting my legs wet, imagine the minerals being tapped up like when feeding a plant with a big of cloth dipped in the water pulling the water into the soil.
the water was yes, soapy feeling.
it was such a hot day and this was our first map located stop.
what a relief-
the landscape had become foreign at this point. a lady heard me call Talula's name , she turend around and said "I have a Talula too!"
her Talula (or Tallulah as the case may be) was 15 years old.
My talula loved soap lake - it was her top destination on the whole trip!they are meant to be putting a giant lava lamp into soap lake.
I would  totally live here for a bit- great scenery , peaceful although re development studies for this area are occurring so get in there before the condos and townhomes occur!
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From Soap Lake our journey next took us to Lake Lenore then Dry Falls, steam boat rock (which was at that pt more of a drive by) and finally landing for the night at the grand coulee damn.
I am sure we will be back soap lake- i would love to stay next to you and wallow in your smelly sand/mud.

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